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About Freshwater

Oregon Freshwater Simulations (“Freshwater”) was incorporated in 2015 to apply and support research conducted at Oregon’s public universities. Our clients are in government, nonprofits, private industry, and the Oregon public universities themselves. Incorporated under Oregon law as a “benefit company,” Freshwater has an obligation to publish an annual report on how well we are meeting the standards for benefit companies. Here is the 2021 report. Please contact Dave Conklin if you would like more information.

Dave Conklin, Ph.D.

Dave founded Oregon Freshwater Simulations in 2015. Freshwater is an outgrowth of his work on the Willamette Water 2100 project between 2013 and 2015. The WW2100 model developed in that project is an attempt to represent all the natural and human processes which significantly affect the supply and demand for water, in a spatially and temporally explicit way, across the entire Willamette River basin. In 2001, after a long career in industry, Dave turned to the challenge of modeling the effects of climate change on natural vegetation.

After five years in the trenches as the computer guy in the US Forest Service MAPSS modeling team on the OSU campus, he returned to graduate school, completing a Ph.D. in Biological and Ecological Engineering in 2009. Using the static biogeography model MAPSS and the dynamic global vegetation model MC1, he has run simulations of potential vegetation and vegetation change for a number of areas, principally in the western United States. He participated in the California Scenarios 2008 project for the California Energy Commission, in a study of Yosemite National Park for the US National Park Service, and in several studies of areas in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and New Mexico for the US Forest Service. In 2012, he implemented MC1 in C++; the resulting MC2 model has been used by Dave and by others at the US Forest Service, the Institute for Natural Resources, Conservation Biology Institute, and elsewhere for studies of many geographic regions, ranging from parts of various western states to the continental US, the South Asia subcontinent, and the whole earth.